Be a Leading Man

We have had some interesting requests for wedding suits and why not? Who wouldn’t want to look like James Bond in Casino Royale, Christian Bale in the Dark Knight or Brad Pitt in any movie?

A picture as a reference and can be easily duplicated and further customized to suit your tastes and body form. Below is James Bond in Casino Royale wearing a 3 peice suit. The suit is an Italian wool blend with a fitted waist and higher armhole. Notice the shirt collar is exaggerated, it is higher than a normal collar, this is further matched with a higher vest. This style would look good on someone with a narrow face and long neck like Dennis Craig. Someone with a wider face may not suit this style.

The last scene of Casino Royale

One thought on “Be a Leading Man

  1. Hmm, wonder if it would work for me. I’ll have to save up a bit first though. 😉 The styles look really sharp.

    P.S. Just a friendly head’s up. It’s Daniel Craig, not Dennis. Cheers!

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