tradeshow for under $10

It is quite expensive to have a tradeshow booth wherever you choose to exhibit. Most 10×10 booths alone will cost upwards of $800. Whether you are selling your wares or it is purely for marketing and awareness, the goal should be to sell more than you spend. After an exhausting yet successful weekend, I feel the need to share some wisdom on how to save money:

1. The booth usually includes a 6 foot table, it is best to position this at the front of your booth and place it with items people can touch and see. The key is to fully utilize this space for maximum exposure. People don’t usually like to walk into your booth, they just look from the outside.

2. Use brightly coloured paper for additional signage that will convey your message. At first, it may seem a little cheap, but the unusually bright colour grabs attention.

booth table suits savillian suhaag weddings south asian custom tailored

3. Decorating your booth can be done with existing furniture. We gave our booth a living room style look that was slightly tacky (indian wedding show). We used the folllowing items:

–  Craigslist showroom love seat

– flood recovered moldy shag rug (sprayed down with a bottle of knock off febreze found in my dad’s van)

– brother’s girlfriend’s scrap carpet from her new house

– roll of fabric turned into make shift curtains found in the garage from my mom’s days as a freelance drapery maker which were later sewn together  by my aunt

– my uncle’s mirror and lamps that were stored in our basement

– my mom’s new pillow set that were borrowed from the guest bedroom

4. My graphic designer, whom we pay with gratitude and compliments made up stunning postcards that we gave out. We spent $9 at Kinkos to cut them.

5. Lastly, I wanted to have extra giveaways for very interested clients, so I used a whole pile of coasters that I found in the dining room. They appeared to be favours from a wedding we attended last summer. We must have taken a few more than appropriate. Nonetheless, I stuck a business card in the middle and had a fantastic giveaway. I used the plastic cover for pocket squares that were left over from our “let’s-start-a-scarf-business” phase.

giveaways tradeshows savillian south asian weddings custom tailored suits

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One thought on “tradeshow for under $10

  1. Great tips – so many times I’ve gone to trade shows and the vendors have not even bothered to put a decent table cloth or sheet over their table!

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