got “Coached”

Coach Wrapping

Coach Bag - Julianne from the Madison Collection

Walking in and recognizing the shop girl, not I but the one above me.

Did she colour her hair, it appeared darker/lighter.

I threw my coat on the plush sofa and tucked my embarrassed knock off Burberry under my arm.

Today was the day I was about to enter an elite group of women that owned an investment bag. It wasn’t going to be from Hermes or LV but Coach, a respectable, affordable, luxurious brand in itself.

I wandered around the vast emptiness of the store and it wasn’t long before my eyes laid rest on Julianne. An expresso leather bag with gold accents that remained classic without any screaming C’s. The inside silk lining was hot pink, a perfect way to keep a classic bag fresh.

I knew before the shop girl told me, that this was in fact from the Madison collection that had come out in November. Did she know that Coach was originally owned by the Sara Lee Corporation. She looked at me incredulously. I forgave her as she did not know who I was.

To make up for my intellectual superiority, I asked her politely if I could be a part of the Coach club. She then replied of course and the claws went back under the lost RK gloves.

Upon purchasing said bag, I was asked if it could be wrapped in a box. I declined but then was urged against my will that recieving a box was of the utmost importance.

I paid and was told that a young gentlemen would come out to give me my bag once it had undergone its wrapping ritual. I waited patiently, like a father awaits an unborn child in the delivery room. My name was called at last, and I recieved my baby. Julianne was placed in an oversized pink box inside a golden shiny gift bag.

I brought her home, but let her sleep in the box within the bag, until my mom opened the box and said Julianne was very expensive. She did however tell me to keep the pink box for storage purposes.

And now my adventures with Julianne will begin. Poor knockoff burberry has been placed in the closet, Pepe Jeans keeps her company.

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