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I discovered twitter while I was on a business trip in India late last year in order to microblog some of the exciting things I was doing. Now, it has taken over my life. A world that judges you solely on 140 characters, be witty and speak brief! Cut the fluff or lose followers fast!

I am still on the fence about if it’s actually a time waster or a life enhancer. Since my start in August, I have accumulated 76 followers with over 300 posts. This can be mildly impressive as in the process I have people following me from around the world who anxiously await my post on what I had for lunch. Or atleast my attempt at random tidbits on various items.

What will happen if I ever meet twitter people in person? Will the world collapse??

Most of the 75 people I follow are all somehow related to fashion (of course) just another way for me to desperately pick at fragments of fashion trivia and opinion. Here are my top fashion influencers (below). I define an influencer as someone who has offered interesting tips and links on fashion. I excluded people I have actually met in real life.

You can also follow me.

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