fashion transitions

A week in 09, and I feel that I have solidified a few priorities and goals for myself. A year of transitions in many respects.

I did start off horribly with a bad stomach flu caused I suspect by NYE lasagna mixed with too much cosmo. I later recovered enough to get a very unusual in the winter mani/pedi on the Danforth.

The work week started with a bang as my new focus for Savillian started to take shape. A focus that appeared quite necessary after such a slow Q4. I suddenly find myself in the wedding business.

Later that week, I celebrated a friend’s birthday. More importantly, I was finally able to wear an outfit that I had carefully crafted in my head after closely reading and memorizing every word of The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own. I wore my black tuxedo jacket, white tank top, black and white pearls, dark skinny jeans, and black leather boots. It may have looked better on the smart illustrated women in the book.

Lastly, my weekend ended with no windshield wiper fluid swerving in Toronto east. I attended a very informative blogging workshop by Christa from PetiteFashionista. I asked her if I was her tallest friend, and indeed I am. The workshop was highly informative and I learned alot. You may notice some changes in this blog over the next few weeks because of my new found knowledge of blogging. The workshop also had the Naturally Petite sisters and the Realeza Jewelry Pillow designer in attendance.

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One thought on “fashion transitions

  1. Hi Jas; It’s great seeing your WordPress site with updates on your fashion career and news in the making. I can see there’s a lot of great stuff and info for the fashion conscious trend-setter. Did you use a custom designed WordPress (CSS editor)? with the upgrade? Love to know as I am currently working on mine. Wishing you a fashionably suitable year 🙂

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