De-bunk the luxe

Prada displayed as fast food containers, an ironic yet clever art peice that accurately displays the realities of luxury. 

The origins as written in: Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster
were a detailed account of rags to riches stories mixed with ownership power struggles and the recent phenomenon of major conglomerates owning everything from alcohol to silk worms. A gratifying book that greatly satisfied my hunger for easy to read history of fashion houses and brands.

As we see fashion turn in cycles, luxury is no different. It has gone from a private club to an accessible circus of mass production. Now we see it withdraw within itself as consumers realize that there is actually no need to carry this season’s It bag.

There are those companies that have never truly bought into the cycle and rather have stayed true to their unyielding traditions. That of Chanel’s field of Centifolia roses from the south of France and Hermès’ rigorously trained leather artisans in France. There was no need to find cheaper resources or transfer labour to China, as the overall goal was to keep consistent traditions alive; this is the essence of pure luxury.

After all, luxury appears to be reserved for an elite group, not necessarily those with money (it does help), but those that appreciate the pure craftmanship and history behind the label. Even the company’s that sold such goods have lost touch with this philosophy and so there are only a few left who are will not compromise (atleast I’d like to believe they haven’t).

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