A rollercoaster year that started the AYC journey with a multi-check Juicy Couture trenchcoat, Second yoga jeans and chocolate brown leather boots.

I must admit, I started this year with much intimidation from other born and made fashionistas, after all I did hide all my entries under masses of poetics but never outrightedly mentioned where I went and who I met. I suppose now I have reached a higher fashion status from all the events and people I have been exposed to and feel a little less shy about it all. Below you will find a quick list of 2008 happenings (in order of blogs written).

Met rag and bone – 2 hip looking guys decided to start a clothing line and ended up selling at Holt Renfrew, now they are famous.

Met ben barry – a very young Ben had the crazy idea that anyone can be a model, sure it works for everyday fashion but I don’t agree with couture, sorry.

Attended The Elle Show – the first year was not very well attended as the tradeshow portion was scarce. It was technically my first fashion show I had ever seen though (sad but true).

Attended GotStyle + – this event clearly shaped the realization that I was actually a person in fashion as I met my men’s fashion hero: Russell Smith as well as Melissa the owner of Gotstyle.

Discovered Off the Cuff – a small undiscovered hole of vintage men’s fashion with a very quirky guy behind the counter.

Sartorial Savillian Blog was born.

Attended Anokhi Magazine + Roots event – Drank alot and met alot of interesting famous people while embracing my culture!

Attended Pink Tartan – ah yes, K-Mimran, this is where my first true fashion opinion came splurging out and my true business ethic was tested and still is.

Went to New Delhi, India – amazing to see and meet the individuals behind our gorgeous Savillian suits and to actually help create a women’s line.

Attended Green Shag launch party – I met the owner at the Elle Show and decided to keep tabs on him.  A good move on my part as I had the great opportunity to meet the owner of Walter Beauchamps.

Attended Verity Club – I met Summer the VP Sales at a WofI event in the VIP room and then later got the chance to check out VC and realized the pretty orange brick maybe didn’t match my skine tone..

The Drake Hotel & L’Oreal Fashion Week – I don’t really need to say too much about this other than I felt like a 5 year old kid on a sugar rush.

National Women’s Show – worst business move ever.

Attended – TFBB (toronto fashion blogger’s brunch) – the ladies were nice enough to allow a suburbanite to attend. Maybe I will have a MFBB (mississauga fashion blogger’s brunch)? Anyone out there?

Attended Toronto Fashion Incubator event – not entirely impressed but 2009 is a new year!

Those were just a few top highlights, I may be more descriptive in the blogs to come as well as blog alot more often – a potential turning point for me, please continue reading and comment!

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