illusions of pearls

I was finally able to finish The Beautiful Fall: Fashion, Genius, and Glorious Excess in 1970s Paris
after much hmming and hawing about the length and the incredibly descriptive language. It was only when I reached  3/4’s of the way through when I realized that the title was not actually referring to the Fall season but about falling into fashion – or something to that effect.

One thought that resonated strongly was that fashion was all illusion and fantasy. This explains alot as we fantasize about being Carrie in NYC or wearing $30,000 haute couture gown on the red carpet. Behind this smoke and mirrors are a few powerful fashion conglomerates that have impacted the fashion industry to the point that most successful designers today look to what they had designed in the past. However, to empower such strength and innovation in design, they were manic depressive, lived inside their heads, and dismissed reality completely to create a version for themselves.

It was sheer genius.

To test the theory of illusion, I decided to wear pearls to bed (while I write this post), reminiscient of Carrie. There is a sense of strange empowerment and magic in the way it click clacked and instantly dressed up my tired pink pj’s. I was suddenly a princess kidnapped for ransom and all I had were my string of pearls which now comforted me as I awaited my captor.

After about 10 minutes, I removed them as they were getting in the way of typing and causing a general distraction.

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