freshly Pressed, Photographed & Puzzled

The daily grind has finally caught up with me but to my relief I have finally gotten over it and myself in one full swoop. Phew… Now, on to bigger things..

1. My pink pinestripe pants have finally found unity with a checkered pink and faint aqua collared shirt – stolen from my mother’s closet. It was a gift, but my tailor screwed up and made it for me…it was fate. The perfect outfit to recieve my first real Savillian press. It pays to know the editor, a great influencer in my fashion ascent.

2. I emerge from my half-life of fashion in a cloud of boots and black hair. An evolving high fashion look that has landed me small gigs in various positions, one with Tea and another with an oversized knit sweater perfect for those late night strolls at the north pole.

3. Currently, enraptured in a book depicting YSL and KL in the 1970’s Paris to the point of obsession of Le Smoking. (will attempt a review once completed).

One thought on “freshly Pressed, Photographed & Puzzled

  1. So great to hear.. u know the hardest part is getting the ball rolling, and it’s making pretty good tracks 🙂 keep up the rockin work.

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