sunday fashion

My fashion aggression appears to be (forcibly) muted during working hours and blasts into perspective on the day(s) of no work.

I woke up especially early to whisk my mother off to drink breakfast champagne and nibble at mini sweet potato muffins. Again, the models interacted with me while they held numbers displaying their wares, they did not recognize me though (thankfully). I was severely disappointed at the selection, yet it was after all 50% off at this ungodly hour. I flitted over a long white knitted sweater but something did not feel right. Then it dawned on me and it was confirmed in my goodie bag at the door, I was standing in an “over 40” women’s clothing store. It also further dawned on me that my Savillian collection was completely targeted to this woman. I felt incredibly intimidated, but maybe I could offer her some breakfast champagne to build rapport?

The following sunday, I had the pleasure to meet fellow fashion bloggers at a lovely brunch. I cowardly sat at the end of the table, feeling my newbie-ness and wondering if my outfit was worthy. The place was posh and I knew my suburban side showed a little as I had never been there and I actually drove there. The group was a mix of different flavours as shown by their uniquely crafted outfits. My burning question was mainly if they were like me – day dreaming full timers wanting to break free of the muted fashion syndrome. I was hoping that most were not, but most seemed to be in the same boat as I.

When will my sunday fashion become my everyday fashion? Stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “sunday fashion

  1. Was really lovely to meet you on Sunday, Jas!
    And for the record, your outfit was TOTALLY worthy 🙂
    Not that I am the ultimate arbiter of that or anything, but you know what I mean…I thought you looked very chic.

    Hope to speak soon!

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