My AudityourCloset Blogroll (2008)

Here are a list of blogs and subscriptions that I read almost on a daily basis – if you are a “wannabe” fashionista, this is a great place to get your hands “gloved”.

The Original Bloggers

A list of fashion news headlines is what I find the most relevant. I am not sure how I was able to sign myself up so conveniently for such a service. Alongside these links, geekigirl discusses things she wants and/or “gots”.

A fashion illustrator talks about her budding career. I had the pleasure to meet her and follow her on twitter. She also illustrates for a fun fashion comic that I also subscribe to:

Niche Fashion

Fashion for under 5″2! This is definitely something that I do not really need to read since I am a whole foot taller, however its really cute and highly informative.

Reviews on everything including fashion, written by chicks like you and me!

Bargain fashionista who wants to look good but has a budget.

Other links

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