national women’s flea market show

And there I was, dressed in my Savillian suit, with nothing to do but stand at attention and plaster a smile on my face.

I watched as various assortments of women marched passed with large duffle bags and roller encasements. It appeared that the 80’s were back atleast in the 7 circles of fashion hell that I had gotten myself stuck in. Pants that should have been burned, mismatched socks, weird hats, and runny noses is all that could be seen.

I found it quite misleading that an event with such massive promotions, slick website, and professionality could actually be similar to a road side flea market. Get your peanuts here!

I suppose it was all the free samples of food and toiletries that had everyone flocking in droves. A pushy and screaming mass of women pushed me side to side until I felt it was only safe to stay within my 10X5 booth.

I contemplate my launch of my women’s line with some defeat as I realize it is so much easier to sell to men.

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