how to survive your first fashion week

I had felt excited anxiety when I first landed in India a couple months back. Surprisingly, this is what I felt as I walked up the parking stairs towards Nathan Philip Square and saw the large white tents of fashion week.

Here I was at last, I finally realized that fashion was not just a business for me, but this was actually where I belonged. It’s funny how you can so outrightly stumble into your destiny. That which makes you feel excited in ways that not many things can. That is worth pursuing.

Here are my survival tips, a little quirky but based on a true experience:

1. If you are a newbie to the industry, consider attending an after party or related media/fashion party a few days before fashion week or earlier in the week. This will give you a chance to get comfortable and people watch. If you are brave enough, I recommend making friends through mingling as much as possible. This will allow you to develop a “fashion possee” to hang out with during the week.

2. Fashion is a process and so you must inspect and disect everything you will be wearing to fashion week. Never wear the same thing twice! If you can not already recite the latest season trends alphabetically, consider passing on fashion week and going at a time when you can. Fashion week is the perfect time to wear those trends, like a fake flower choker or a large red satchel bag. Be bold or go home. If all else fails, pearls and killer heels will allow appropriate blending in to the crowd (but who wants to blend in anyway?)

3. As mentioned, you must wear 3 to 5 inch heels even if you are already 6 feet tall as people in fashion are naturally tall, it is almost mandatory.

4. Do not wear your fashion pass, it will clash with your well put together outfit, place it inside your suit jacket or dangle it from your purse.

5. Be prepared to pose for pictures at a moments notice, but do not smile, you need to be fierce.

6. Go into the runway tent 5 minutes before it starts, this will allow you to casually grab second row seats where the media RSVP has not shown up. Act like you belong there but be prepared to get up if the media personality does show up.

One thought on “how to survive your first fashion week

  1. Haha! Love this. So true. If your wardrobe can’t compete (like mine for example!) go with something classic and understated like a little black dress. Smile and be confident and know that most people are just as self conscious as you are.

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