not that type of green

It was perched quite proudly in the mecca of fashion, onlookers looked baffled and smiled to themselves as they walked by.

The floors were original and so was the 60’s furniture that held the overpriced shirts and cufflinks.

My window-pane high waisted skirt with frilly tank top seemed entirely inappropriate for the mish mash of converse shoes, shirt dresses and leather leggings.

I gulped down minty cocktail goodness as I people watched. It was an interesting crowd of other fashion store owners, but mostly it was friends and family of the owners. After 3 years, it seems you still have a long way to go in terms of publicity.

I was asked the question of my relationship, well… Let’s just say I have been following the brand for about a year now. It’s “kinky” and controversial marketing tactics were intriguing to me, especially for something that was so traditional. They are able to stand out and be unique, and I guess in this cut-throat, die and kill industry that’s one thing you need above all else. That and of course knowing the right people. Better yet, why not just marry into fashion, it seems to work for alot of people.

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