Men’s fall/winter 2008 trends

Excerpts from an article written for Men’s Health – India


A cuffed pant may only be necessary in times of extreme monsoon, yet this style is seen in abundance for the fall whether it be a wide or narrow style pant. The cuff on a narrow pant can be worn slightly higher to reveal an updated penny loafer. Your tailor can ensure the correct length that suits your personal style.



Stow away those light linens and stand out from the crowd. Checks such as Prince of Wales of various sizes and colours will dominate this season. Ensure that the lines in the check match up at the pocket, arm and chest. A custom suit fitted by your tailor will allow for this precision.



As winter approaches, we enter a time to upstage one’s superiors through the enrobing of a double breasted suit. This original military style jacket is known to be formal and labeled as an older gentlemen’s garment. However, with the correct fitting, it can be flattering on most slender and tall men. If this is too extreme, consider a 2 button or 1 button jacket that will also cause a slimming effect with the pairing of narrow peaked lapels.


Other small hints of the season can be seen in the addition of a ticket pocket located on the right chest of the blazer. We will also see a slightly shorter jacket where the hem will line up to the beginning of the thumb. This will create a more fitted silhouette which is also very much in style this season.


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