the suit binge

A land of similar faces that intently stare as they brush past. There are frequent steps of uneven footing and an unbearable heat that hits ones like a brick wall. The sounds of horns and hoards of bodies pour into the space, absolving the cleanliness and starkness of the inside.

It is here that I sit in a marble encased vortex of fabric and suits. The ceilings attempt a stunning mimic at Italian chapel style paintings. A setting that exudes tradition with its echos of wisdom of one generation past.

A neatly heather style check fabric wrapped in plastic, so fine that it considers falling off the sleek marble.

A culture built on a late start, long lunch and disorganization. Yet, one that breeds quality, detail and exquisite silks.

A lost sense of purpose is rediscovered as it feels as though this was all waiting here for us. Matters of home seem insignificant but the future looms clear.

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