bows & scarves, oh my

I realized that I want my writing and my style to be one in the same.

That of being sartorially correct yet still maintain a sense of personal flare that is daring and could not be imitated.

I came to this realization as I contemplated this crazy industry. I suppose like any other, it requires a certain aptitude of years past. Designer names and histories as well as M&As. Not only that, but as you try to memorize the seasons trends “pre-season”, you prepare yourself for the following season’s fashion weeks.

Could I ever pull off a tartan skirt with an argyle sweater? Or a pencil skirt, bow blouse and tightly fitted vest? What of the tightly wound scarf with fringes, black rimmed glasses, knee high boots, skinny jeans with the sailor stripes of last season.

I still have the picture that I had ripped out of a magazine, that of a chestnut houndstooth wide legged pant, paired with a orange/red/brown checkered blazer, and silky brown blouse. Could I take these fabrics, textures, and designs and pair them up with complementary colours?

I suppose the ultimate barrier is the fear of criticism in writing and clothing. Only overcome through practice, experience and mistakes..

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