sweaty in pink

A sea of beautifully dressed young women, a male’s paradise. In the heart of the trendy fashion district, we squeezed into the small venue.

My hands were full with a glass of white and a folder chalk fall of oddities. I shifted feet as I waited to hear a woman speak. One that had only really came to my attention through a dress and some random mentionings. Who really was making an impact in Canadian fashion after all? What was the big fuss about with this particular designer?

She was bright, cheery and cute. She had the experience and now she is Canada’s top designer.

I had to say, I was not deeply impressed, for afterall I am a strong, independent woman who am slowly and meticulously working my way to my picture of success. I don’t want external help or support, nor do I want to give the credit to someone else.

She does have a following as I looked around and saw the adoring faces. I yelled out a question that was simplistic and I actually really wanted to know… She gave a sideways answer that made me left wondering if there really was any hope for Canadian fashion after all.. or should we all pack up our bags and move to the States or better yet, Europe.

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