linen, lace and libation

Bought from a discount store in Daytona Beach; it lived in my closet for over two years and endured constant bullying from other more conservative items. It could not fit neatly into drawers or be hung on a hanger, it instead was rolled and placed in my accessories basket. At times, it was pulled out to complement a pair of black pants or skinny jeans, but it was quickly removed and banished once again.

It must have been as shocked as I was the day I finally wore it. I unrolled the ribbon-like ties and carefully smooth down the lace. It was not that I did not adore the style and they way it hugged my waist, it was just too radical for my normally highly professional attire.

But alas, I needed something glamorous and Unique, for I was crossing the border into fashion (or maybe I was here all along)? So it made its debut at a party that brought me back to my roots. Roots that I had never forseen to be so fashionable and interesting.


It is a different world up there, one that I plan to own.

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