switching confidence hats

On my way back from paradise, I stumbled upon a boy wearing a white fedora. It was all that I could see in my blurry dizziness.

I questioned the boy on his taste of head covering only to have the hat handed to me with no strings attached. To conclude the transaction, he proceeded to take a fresh white hat out of his bag and promptly pull it over his messy red mop and burnt face. Are you sure white is a good colour for you darling?

 And so my white fedora adventures began.

I twirled it around and somehow the hat made it safely across the Atlantic/Pacific. In my haste to wear such a prized possession, I bought wide leg white linen pants with a black halter. A daring move since the fedora did not have powers of balancing out my hips. The fedora made a bold appearance in Liberty village, we had tequila with cosmos on the heated patio. It traveled around a bit, but always made it safely back.

Where will the white fedora go next?


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