fashion vacation

Promptly at 6pm on a Wednesday evening, I said my goodbyes and I was off.

Exactly at 6:45pm, I was sipping my first libation of my brief hiatus from work and the other work. In true fashion style, I was checked off a list by a jean clad-velvet jacket male (was it velvet or just very red)? He pointed towards a staircase, and I was intrigued.

It was fitting that I’d start my week and a half vacation off in true style. I felt like the event was made just for me as it had all the right pieces. Free food, Free alcohol, majority gentlemen attendance, and a very right now, trendy spot in my favorite part of Toronto (King West).

GS is a hidden gem, yes it waves its black flags proudly, but it doesn’t jump out at you. Of course, the average hip male wants his clothing store to be an exclusive “oasis” where he can brag to his friends about it. (or does he?)

The highlight was definitely meeting Russel Smith, someone who has indirectly dictated my career path.. meeting him solidified my dream and my destiny… very corny but it’s true. I also met the quirky GS owner, a seemingly strong presence in the men’s fashion industry.. and its a small world.

Again, in true fashion style, the party was moved down the block, where more drinking and food were consumed… I again saw another life, a night life that I could fit into, if I wasn’t so tired and sleepy.

The night ended like a movie, I was introduced to a model.

Next time, I should pay attention to the clothes though.




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