fashion is not made for normal (sized) people

It’s true.

I completely understand and respect that. Not because I consider myself in the fashion “scene” but because I see fashion as a work of art. The bearing of a soul, and the splatter of a creative nature that is not necessarily supposed to be worn to take a jaunt in the park.


Once we separate fashion from clothes people wear, we realize that its not actually possible. Let’s face it, we are not perfect and no matter what size you are, you’re most likely not going to fit into those standard off-the-rack S-M-L sizes (made from the 60’s).

This brings me to my best kept secret. What can I say, I enjoy the exclusivity of it. – Shoes for work and occasions SIZED 10 TO 13.

Before I met the owner, I was destined to a life of frumpy and ugly shoes. If I was to find a pair, they were uncomfortable and bad quality. I forever tried to hide my shoes through starring at them. I hoped that my glare would make them disappear.

Now, I strut confidently (if not a little wabbly due to the lack of ever wearing heels in my life) through the corporate world in my two inch work heels. I pull on my chocolate brown boots with my skinny jeans and matching purse for a dinner date. Sometimes, I give the work heels a day off so I can wear my mary janes. The newest edition to the shoe family are my gold/black 2 inch peeptoes. I imagine wearing them with black shorts and a fancy gold tube top to Muzik or a fancy downtown patio.. Not only will I be the tallest one, but I will have the most killer shoes.

I fear that the work heels may get jealous… I will have to separate them on the rack.


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