look at me, I can spot trends to!

Flipping through a magazine, I found that the new trend is for guys to looks like women… What with the long hair, skinny lapels, and cuffed + tapered pant leg.. I was surprised to see this right across the board, this appears to be the new standard look for spring…

This is why it is not a good rule to follow trends religiously; you fall into the trap of looking like something that may not necessarily fit your body type.

As for women, my radar for trends comes from a good fashionista friend of mine, who showed up one day with suspenders, the following week I peered enviously at her opera gloves with chic french style blazer, and last night I saw tassled shoulder caps. Voila, those are the trends in no particular order for 2008.

If all else fails, look at Zara (but don’ t buy anything, it will wind up costing more to repair it then how much it actually costs) eek!

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