So what is wrong with tall people? Furthermore, what is wrong with skinny people? I suppose the bottomline is the average Canadian woman is a size 14 and just doesn’t relate to skinny people or tall people who are the majority of models. Well, here’s a heads up, real tall people and/or skinny people don’t relate to them either.

BB was a fantastic speaker, you could see it in his eyes how much he wanted to tear down the stereotypes of the fashion industry and make everything into a Dove commercial.

He’s naive yet brave. I look at the top echelons of fashion and know they would never have their couture gowns donned by a size 14 let alone a size 8. But, there it is, those clothes are not made for the average woman anyway. They were designed on a peice of paper, and if fashion designers could have their clothes modeled by a piece of paper they would!!

Yes, the top fashion houses’ designs trickle down to us lower folks, but that is the nature of the industry. I like the fact that BB wants to change ads to reflect the everyday consumer, but I don’t agree that he has to change the minds of the top 12 fashion houses. They are the cornerstone of creativity and fashion, don’t try to change centuries of tradition (I am a huge fan of tradition). I think they have their own problems to deal with, such as new blood taking over, conglomerates going public, and let’s not forget the plunging luxury market… sigh..

Not to put a damper on his dreams, the more power to him.

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