Will a brand under any other name sell as sweet?


I was a tad embarrassed to be entranced by a checkered trench coat purchased at the Winter Clothing Show. Embarrassed because my stunning dress coat that was haggled down to $60 was Juicy Couture.

I do not wear such things that have a label that state Juicy anything. I envision a bouncy teenage girl with the words headlined on her pink valour butt. Not something I want to associate with my CEO bound status.

In the end, through fate, I discovered that JC is under the recently reduced Liz Claiborne umbrella. Which also includes other popular names: Lucky Brand Jeans, Mexx and Kate Spade.

I will admit, it did make me feel better about wearing a Juicy anything, its more of a psychological perception though. I have always found LC to be an old lady’s high end line which loosely translates to working clothes (at least in my head). JC and others is just a way for LC to diversify and spread out her umbrella to all demographics, I can dig that.

I began to think about how my own fashion line would translate into something that I would want people to be proud to wear. A brand name that would spell out loudly “quality”, “high-end”, “custom”, “power”, “detail”, “unique”. Is NANGA really getting that point across?

Is my trench coat really juicy? Not really, it’s something I wear with my grey flannel pants from Femme de Carriere to company events or important client meetings. But I wouldn’t call it Couture either! In the end I did buy it…oh the complexities of fashion, some just wouldn’t understand.

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